Monday, June 10, 2013

What can we do to stop pollution?

                      What can we do to stop pollution

We should reduce what we buy or use, reuse the stuff we can reuse and recycle the stuff you need to recycle! 


We need to turn off our car engine while waiting for someone when you know they will be coming down in 20 minutes or more minutes time, turn off your car engine when a group of people coming by why? We breathe air!



Big factories and some small ones have black smoke coming out from the furnace, black smoke means its dirty and white smoke means the smoke is clean. If factories continue producing black smoke coming out of the furnace the air will be polluted! 

 Water pollution! Do you see how dirty and polluted the water is? Imagine the beautiful blue ocean becoming polluted and how about lakes, rivers and sandy beaches! That's why we should not litter in beaches, ocean, road, pavement, lakes,  rivers etc... 



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